The Audacious Round Up

For the week of January 11th

  • There are many days when my job is the coolest. I recently got to profile Tessa Thompson for Town & Country. She is interesting. Enigmatic. You can read the piece online, here.

  • The Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris Vogue cover debacle…. I cannot even. S S D D. The disrespect. Tacky. Just so tacky.

  • On Hear to Slay Tressie and I talk about White Nonsense. Yes, I am sharing this a second time.

  • I have watched this video so many times. SO many times. I want to emerge from a car trunk in this manner wearing those pants.

  • I recently saw Promising Young Woman, and it is such a great movie. Strong screenplay, strong acting, strong direction. I cannot stop thinking about it and hope everyone sees it. Dark, funny, and there’s an unexpected turn that also really works, however challenging it is to accept.

  • Bitcoin is a curious thing and I try not to expend too much mental energy thinking about it but I did really enjoy this article about people who forget their bitcoin passwords and might, potentially, lose hundreds of millions of dollars. Keep track of your passwords. Using a password manager was one of the better decisions I’ve made in the last few years. It makes everything so much easier once you get over the paranoia of forgetting the password manager password.

  • Kaitlyn Greenridge writes about the frustrating rhetoric around the coup attempt. She is one of the finest writers and thinkers and we will be reading her next novel, Libertie, in a few months!

  • Here is an infuriating piece about the ways in which wealthy people work to keep their communities exclusively for the wealthy.

  • Speaking of terrible wealthy people, this story about how Jared and Ivanka won’t let the Secret Service use their bathrooms is not at all surprising but quite a fun read.

  • I appreciated this article about A Day in the Life of a Navajo healthcare worker.

  • Book Recommendation: Craft in the Real World by Matthew Salesses. You can read a profile of Matt, here. And there is an excerpt in No Tokens. This outstanding, absolutely brilliant book completely upends what we know about craft discourse. It is challenging, for sure. It really forces you to examine how you think about craft and why, but it also offers new ideas about what craft is and how it can better function in the real world, populated by different kinds of people.

  • ADMINISTRIVIA: If you submitted your work for the Emerging Writers Project, please know we will respond to every submission, and are working as diligently as we can to read your work. There are more than 1100 submissions and so it’s going to take time.

  • The DC Library is joining along with our book club!

  • A Room of One’s Own Bookstore is doing a Subscription Box for the book club. You can also buy the book’s individually.

  • If you know of an independent bookstore or library joining us in our reading, leave a link in the comments and I will share next week.

  • We will start our online discussion of Black Futures, on 1/21 so we can have some good conversation before we talk with the editors. Our first author chat is on January 26th at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST. And yes, for those of you who live abroad, I will record the chat, so long as the authors are amenable.

  • Have a great weekend. Do you have any exciting plans? We’re going to go to the farmer’s market (giving others a wide berth, etc etc etc), and that’s about it. I long for the days when we had weekend plans that we were probably going to try and get out of but still, we had plans. Anyway, have a nice weekend. Cook delicious things. Breathe fresh air.