The Audacious Round Up

For the week of April 12th

Torrey Peters appears on The Cut podcast and has, as usual, many interesting things to say.


What are you guys thinking about Milk Blood Heat? I am loving these stories.

Rest in power, Daunte Wright. Rest in power, Adam Toledo.

Substack is starting a local journalism initiative, and you can apply online.

I spoke with Noor Brara of Artnet about my little collection of art. It’s a dangerous hobby. There is a lot of beautiful art in the world. And this week on Hear to Slay, Tressie and I talk craft and many other things with Isabel Wilkerson, author of Caste.

I have a new Work Friend column up! Passive aggressive e-mail. An employee taking advantage of seniority! Religious conversion at work!

Speaking of local journalism, this is a great example of why it matters so much, and the excellent work journalists are doing in the communities we live in.

Katie Baker has written an in-depth piece about the rise of TERF ideologies inBritish feminism.

This is not something I had previously thought about but apparently it is quite expensive to go on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Thousands of dollars expensive. The show doesn’t provide the contestants with any kind of budget which is absolutely shocking to me.

There are too many billionaires. One billionaire, Jack Ma, has all but disappeared from the public eye. The Financial Times gets into why.

Whatever happened to CC Babcock from The Nanny. An intrepid reporter tried to find out.

The bookstore, Mrs. Dalloways, is for sale.

An interview with Nigella Lawson, whose recipes I quite enjoy. And a profile of Issa Rae, whose entertainment I quite enjoy. A profile of poet Nathaniel Mackey. Finally, a profile of Kaitlyn Greenridge, author of our May book club selection.

The New York Times obituary for Giancarlo DiTrapano.

Some useful reading on abolition.

Thoughtful criticism about the new television show, THEM. I don’t have it in me to watch this one, for many of the reasons enumerated in this piece.

I love Hanya Yanagihara’s fiction and she has a new novel coming out for which I cannot wait. I can’t!

A film production is pulling out of Georgia. Will other productions follow?

We have been inside for a long time. Here is a column about escape rooms that is also, itself, an escape room.

There are some interesting conversation about representation and it’s limits that are starting to happen. Here is one about the women who don’t bend it like Beckham.

Bullies should not be aspirational.

The most amazing movie franchise has a new installment coming. Let’s get ready to be fast AND furious.