The Audacious Round Up

For the week of January 18th

For each audacious book we read, we’re compiling a syllabus of sorts—supplementary material that will, we hope, enhance your experience of the book. Here is the Black Futures Syllabus.

Are you a journalist trying to break into film and television? Cord Jefferson has started a fellowship. What an incredible thing to do. It’s got me thinking…

Speaking of film & television. This article gets into some of the challenges of having your creative work optioned.

GQ wrote a feature on happiness that includes me and many others. They say I am 48 but I am NOT, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I am actually 46.

The tuna in Subway tuna salad sandwiches may not be tuna. I don’t eat seafood as I am allergic but I cannot say this surprises me. Most of the meats in Subway do not really resemble meat. As I was reading about this, I fell down a rabbit hole and I guess all seafood is a scam.

Every industry is struggling but here is a well-reported piece on what is happening to the jazz industry.

There is something going on involving Reddit people manipulating the stock market and very rich people are upset about it and trying to put a stop to it because, I guess, they are the only ones who are allowed to manipulate the stock market for financial gain. Anyway, the movie about the Gamestop mishegoss is going to be amazing.

Hey. Cancel student debt.

Here is some poetry for the new year including a poem by Saeed Jones, one of my favorite people and writers.

I’ve been reading Saidiya Hartman’s Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments, which is an audacious piece of scholarship about young inner city women in the early 1900s. It reads like a captivating novel, a choice that I am sure flummoxes a certain kind of academic, but the work here is remarkable. And here is a profile of Hartman in The New Yorker.

Jennifer Barnett writes about shitty men in media who still have their powerful jobs despite their shittiness. It is so ridiculous, the kind of nonsense women continue to deal with in the workplace, and it is even more ridiculous that the rules are different for men like, say, a prominent New York Times reporter who was merely reprimanded for using racial slurs.

There is a meme make the rounds on TikTok about showing that you’re wealthy without saying you’re wealthy, and this fascinating Work Diary of Arielle Patrick is that meme in word form. I will never get bored of reading two kinds of things—day in the life diaries and advice columns.

I’ve always had some anxiety about what might happen to my fat body when I die so I appreciated this funeral home owner talking about how the funeral industry handles fat bodies. Morbid, but real.

A couple great tweets:

What interesting things have you read this week? What are you up to this weekend? Tell me things!