The Audacious Round Up

for the week of July 26th

Why Design Matters by Debbie Millman is available for pre-order. Yes, this link will be available in this newsletter until it goes on sale on 10/26.

Our next book selection is Somebody’s Daughter by Ashley C. Ford. Sign up on Literati to join our great discussions about the book of the month. You can register now for that conversation on August 24th.

Tressie, Debbie Millman and I are hosting a writing workshop retreat in July 2022. You can also register for this if you want to spend a weekend with us.

Roxane Gay Books is open for submissions.

Kingsley-Wynn Ukuku wrote a love letter to her mother as part of the Emerging Writer Series.

In this week’s “Work Friend” I write about burnout, a wife over-helping her husband at work, and a freelancer disinterested in team building.

Do you want to support unhoused people in LA? Here is an Amazon wishlist you can order from to give people some of the things they need to live.

A people’s history of Black Twitter.

Samantha Mann with an essay on women and pleasure.

Working from home was better for some people than others.

Minority report. Literally.

This bullshit hypocrisy right here? Basura.

Issa Rae got married.

Simone Biles did something incredible by stepping away from the Olympics. She and Naomi Osaka have done so much both as athletes and as women prioritizing their physical and emotional well-being. Haters can hate all they want but what Simone did was incredibly courageous. I also learned about “the twisties,” which I think is what I am experiencing as a writer trying to finish her next two books.

People love to talk about black women and sportsmanship and what they owe the sports they participate in, while men basically act like babies and are immediately forgiven.

Niche dating apps are all the rage.

Power to the people.

Some injustices are more staggering than others.

Some people in Hollywood who are direct beneficiaries of nepotism, however talented they are, proclaimed that Hollywood is a meritocracy, and doubled down.

A new short story from Catherine Lacey.

The Nanny (amazing television) and it’s unapologetic Jewishness.

Strip Tok.

COVID-19 is eradicating so many things including Japanese arcades.

Public aid reduces poverty. It’s not complicated even though politicians try to make it so. It is remarkable, though, that some of the people who receive public aid begrudge it to others.

A profile of Matt Damon.

This piece about luxury surveillance really has me thinking about some of the technology in my life.

Ed Buck, a terrible man, has finally been convicted of his terrible crimes.


Min Jin Lee is profiled, along three other authors, in Vogue Korea. The article is in Korean so learn another language already.

The willful ignorance of QAnon believers is quite something.

Bennifer Timeline.

How will New York’s cultural life resume?

Own your intellectual labor.

Creepy. Don’t trust it.