The Audacious Round Up

For the week of August 30th

Why Design Matters by Debbie Millman is available for pre-order. Yes, this link will be available in this newsletter until it goes on sale on 10/26.

Our next book selection is Renunciations by Donika Kelly. Sign up on Literati to join our great discussions about the book of the month. You can register, now, for our conversation with Donika on September 22nd.

Tressie, Debbie Millman and I are hosting a writing workshop retreat in July 2022. You can also register for this if you want to spend a weekend with us.

Roxane Gay Books is open for submissions.

For Elle Decor, I wrote about entertaining post-pandemic.

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Why don’t McFlurry machines ever seem to work? An eternal mystery has attracted the attention of the FTC.

SSDD, magazine edition.

On waning immunity (it’s totally normal).

A great profile of an abortion doctor.

Jeff Yang on Asian Americans and finally starting to see the representation they deserve.

A profile of Maggie Nelson.

This made my blood boil.

I do not care for Sweetgreen salads. I prefer Chop’t which makes a delicious salad. Sweetgreen salads are not pleasant to eat. It is a bunch of twigs and leaves and raw nonsense with bland salad dressing. Each bite is more depressing than the last. When I even think of a Sweetgreen salad, I feel like I am chewing dry paper. It’s visceral. So it is no surprise that the Sweetgreen CEO is fatphobic and thinks his company’s salads can, like, prevent COVID.

Joe Rogan’s head has expanded significantly since Fear Factor, a show he once hosted. I think about that sometimes. No judgment. Anyway, he has COVID.

Jami Attenberg writes about making it through Hurricane Ida.

Crime rings.

A short story by Dawnie Walton.

A profile of my friend and former editor Isaac Fitzgerald. A great guy.

The demise of the girlboss.

Yet another grave injustice.

Texas has passed some truly macabre abortion legislation.

Terrible people walk back egregious policy but stay terrible.


Asshole loses second job in one week.

A piece on Jaboukie.

Gorilla RX Wellness is the first Los Angeles dispensary owned by a woman!

On the children fathered, and left behind by UN peacekeepers.

Blah blah blah crypto blah blah blah.

Vote NO on recalling Gavin Newsom, if you live in California, because if he is ousted, this fucking guy could become governor.

Nia DaCosta’s Candyman is the first feature film directed by a black woman to debut at #1. Which…. what? In 2021???

Judges wild out sometimes.

I gasped when I read the headline for this article. IKEA is testing new store formats. Noooooooo.

The best pen.

What did you get up to for the long weekend?

I am haunted by this man voluntarily launching himself into this fetid, toxic water.