The Audacious Round Up

For the week of September 27th

Why Design Matters by Debbie Millman is available for pre-order. Yes, this link will be available in this newsletter until it goes on sale on 11/9 (damn supply chain).

On November 2, Debbie and I will be in conversation at the University of Albany.

Our next book selection is The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang. We will have our conversation with Helen on October 25th. Instead of a live Q & A, please e-mail me your questions for Helen by October 24th! Register now for that conversation. You can watch our engaging conversation with Donika Kelly if you missed it live.

Tressie, Debbie Millman and I are hosting a writing workshop retreat in July 2022. You can also register for this if you want to spend a weekend with us.

Roxane Gay Books is closed to unagented submissions until 6/15/2022. I’ve found, I think, my first few books!

I recently appeared on the Art Angle podcast.

For The New York Times, I wrote about the Broadway Play Pass Over, my brother Joel, and grief.

This week in the Emerging Writer Series, “An Unromantic History of Kissing,” by Evan Silver.

A new Aubrey Hirsch comic—How to Be a Woman on the Internet.

Over at Catapult, Audacity editor Meg Pillow is embarking on a new column about writing sex.

I loved this piece about being black, gay, and graying gracefully.

Cynthia Greenlee writes about appearing on Jeopardy! and how racists did what racists do.

A short story, “Sia,” by Lizz Huerta.

One of my faves, Isaac Fitzgerald, interviews Jocelyn Nicole Johnson about her debut collection My Monticello. I first encountered Jocelyn’s work in Guernica, her short story “Control Negro” that my friend and also a talented writer Rion Amilcar Scott brought to my attention. I later included that story in Best American Short Stories 2018. And now, she has this book!

There is a new magazine in town, Citizen, and in the debut issue, I am in conversation with Numa Perrier, director of Jezebel. You can buy the issue, now.

The working conditions in minor league baseball are… a mess.

A profile of and conversation with Lorna Simpson.

This was an eye-opening but unsurprising look at what went on behind the scenes of the script for Dallas Buyers Club.

A writing exercise from Matt Bell.

Turmoil in the NWSL. Unsurprising and sad.

Violence against women is a pandemic that predates COVID and the Flu of 1918 and I don’t know that there is a cure for it. RIP Miya Marcano.

An interview with Jeffrey Wright.

Ben Smith wrote an exposé, for lack of a better word, about Ozy Media. The whole story is wild. I’ve worked with them a couple times. I was on their PBS show “Breaking Big,” a few years ago. I did an event at their Ozyfest event with Christian Siriano and the woman who originally founded SoulCycle, lost the business and then started FlyWheel. And last year they asked me to be on a show that was supposed to be on A & E and ended up on YouTube. My in-person dealings with Carlos were fine. He seems nice. But the logistics of each event were all weird and convoluted so I wasn’t surprised to learn that it was all kind of a scam.

Ten things to know about publishing.

In search of Gayl Jones.

A very well-written restaurant review.

Franzen. Franzen. I’ma read his book this week and report back.

A review of Fire Shut Up In My Bones, which we are seeing this coming week with my parents. I’ll report back on that, too.

On non-alcoholic cocktails (and more).


THIS STORY! Girl. Whew.

Randa Jarrar on maternal grief.

Negative book reviews of classic literaTOUR.

Rich people nonsense.

The Tonys happened.

More than a Dollar Tree.

Our Kind of (Messy) People.

A profile of Simone Biles.

A profile of Will Smith.

A profile of Claire Vaye Watkins.

A profile of Alessandro Nivola.

R. Kelly has been convicted but there is a lot of culpability to spread around. His conviction has been a long time coming. I hope his victims feel a measure of justice.

Anita Hill wants (and deserves) more than an apology.


A fine very young man.

Zoolander is 20!

A new cohort of MacArthur Geniuses. As always, an exciting list of artists and scholars.