The Audacious Round Up

For the week of February 22

We had some technical difficulties so the Torrey Peters discussion is now happening on Monday, March 1, at 8 pm EST, 5 pm PST. You can register here. If you were already registered, you should have gotten an email with the updated information and you’re good to go. Some of you have already sent me some amazing questions for Torrey and I will do my best to make sure they all get asked. Feel free to email me with your questions, or you can ask them using the Webinar Q & A feature during the discussion.

Register here.

The New York Times Magazine did an in-depth feature on Amazon and the rise of labor movements in a company notoriously resistant to their employees organizing.

Venezuelan women have lost access to birth control. It is a crisis of compounding magnitudes.

We As Ourselves, a love letter to Black survivors of sexual violence.

We’ve had a lot of cause, as of late, to try and make sense of why so many people are susceptible to conspiracy theories. Here is an essay that takes on some of that work.

There is some change finally happening in publishing as more black women assume positions of power in the industry.

Actor Steve Way talks about the injustices of dating as a person with a disability.

The extraordinary poet Danez Smith writes about breaking through the stigma of HIV, in the search for love.

I so miss travel and now want to visit all of these Italian cities.

Turkish garbage collectors started a library from books they collect on their routes. Nature always finds a way, I tell you.

Just a periodic reminder of this resource if you’re looking for a teaching job in creative writing.

Randa Jarrar is in conversation with Neelanjana Banerjee about her new memoir, Love is an Ex-Country.

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