The Audacious Roundup

For the Week of February 1

If you missed the book club chat, with Kimberly Drew and Jenna Wortham, co-editors of Black Futures, you can watch it, here.

Our next book is Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters. The chat will be on February 25th, at 8 pm EST, 5 pm PST. I hope you’ll join us. And there’s a little extra something something I will be announcing on Monday, to make this book club experience a little more authentic.

In this week’s Work Friend, I answer questions about compensation bait & switch, a lack of ambition, and fatphobic co-workers.

On Hear to Slay, Tressie and I talk about black people and the country music industry with special guest Rissi Palmer, and then we get into all things pop culture with our fav, Shar Jossell.

I also, guest-hosted Selected Shorts, so listen in if you want to hear some great fiction.

The Reply All podcast is dissecting what happened at Bon Appetit last year. Here is the first of four episodes.

Morgan Wallen, a country music star, got caught slipping. He said the n-word and he’s in trouble. Andrea Williams thinks through what happens next.

A young man pierced his forehead with a $24 million pink diamond and I have so many questions I hardly know where to start.

The only Cinderella movie that matters is FINALLY coming to streaming. Praise Beyoncé.

Rion Amilcar Scott is a writer you should get to know. He has a new short story up at the Southwest Review.

A roommate story to chill your soul.

Michelle Pfeiffer! Still great!

Many great books were released this week including Randa Jarrar’s Love is an Ex-Country. You can enjoy an interview with her, here. And there is also an essay by Randa, up at LitHub.

Jami Attenberg’s newsletter is a must-read. She offers meditations on writing craft that are elegant and thoughtful and incredibly useful.

A few excellent tweets: