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Our February 2023 selection
Age of Vice: In the EndThis has been an epic journey. And though I was bummed to come to the end, I got excited when I learned this was the first in a trilogy. The sto…
Age of Vice: What To Do About Sunny...Sunny really could make you think he’s a poor little rich boy but no matter how frustrated he may feel in his life, he still makes such bad choi…
Age of Vice: The Question of NedaNeda feels kind of inscrutable to me. I’m not sure we have enough access to her interiority. Like, why is she interested in Sunny when it doesn’…
Age of Vice: All About AjayEach month, we’ll have two discussion questions (or so) a week, to really get into the books we’re reading. Half of these will be available to e…
The Audacious Book Club January Selection
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