Libertie Discussion (4)

Early in the novel, Libertie lay on her father’s grave and imagined the freedom he got from death. She thinks about what freedom means to her. As a child, Libertie’s thoughts on freedom reflect the innocence of being young and her lack of experience. How does Libertie’s feelings about what it means to be free change over time? How does what happened to Mr. Ben and some of the other freed slaves affect Libertie? On page 56, Mama explains their predicament, and their “deep and abiding loneliness even in freedom,” which she attributes to a lack of love. Later, Libertie thinks to herself that love is freedom. Do you think there are any moments in the novel where Libertie is truly free? Who, would you consider, to be the most free person in the novel? Based on what you read in Libertie, how would you define freedom?