Roxane Gay Books

Many years ago, I had a micropress called Tiny Hardcore Press. I published small but mighty books that could fit in your pocket or purse. There was a steep learning curve, because running a press is incredibly challenging, especially when you’re a one-person operation. You’re responsible for everything! You acquire the books, draft the contracts, design the books and covers or find someone to do that work. There is the editing, and working with a printer, going over proofs, promotion and publicity and, of course, distribution. I learned a lot of painful lessons, many of them at the post office, but I published some incredible books from generous writers who entrusted their work with me, no small thing. At the time, I was a junior faculty member making not a lot of money and funding the entire endeavor out of pocket. I could only do so much, and I always wondered what it would be like to run a press with meaningful resources.

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