As an opponent of the death penalty, The Mercy Workers piece is a great lesson in the multi-dimensional facets of what makes a human being. Taking a life for another life is barbaric and is in no way a deterrent to crimes.

Yet, a murderer is a murderer, but before that they were babies, kids, teens, adults...they had lives, In many cases very complicated, tortured lives. Yes, most people don't go around murdering others because they had a hard childhood, but this article shows us how some can never move past childhood trauma, abuse, neglect. environment, prejudice and the gamut of societal ills.

We want murderers locked up but we don't need to kill them like animals in a slaughterhouse. In the case of Belcher's and many others, their lives may have value to others while serving life in prison.

All of us feminist have a bit of "badness" mixed in. Looking forward to the updated re-release.

Shortage of black male teachers is a nationwide problem. My daughters had ONE male black teacher from kindergarten to 12th grade in public school. Representation matters!!!

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Slow 👏🏻 clap 👏🏻 for Lindy West.

Brilliant review.

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Re: Parents getting upset about queer representation in a play... they have no idea about theatre kids then, do they?

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Am I the only one who got her hackles up at Jason Okundaye using the COMPLETELY wrong name for Ms. Gay's wife, Debbie MILLMAN? I'm SURE he's had his name misspelled/-pronounced enough that he would - one would think - be far more careful, in both his research and his spelling (whichever the case might be here). Might be silly, but it's a real pet peeve of mine - seeing reviewers/interviewers make asinine mistakes like this. Sigh.

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