A Family

Last fall, my wife Debbie and I got a puppy named Maximus Toretto Blueberry Millman Gay. He is six months old. He weighs 7.5 pounds. He is confident, outgoing, and sweet. He enjoys eating paper, leaves, disgusting trash, and murky street water. He is not interested in food unless you are eating it, and then he is very interested. When Max realizes he is about to go on a walk, he vibrates with excitement, and sometimes, he jumps vertically, like two feet off the ground. He recently learned how to lift his leg to pee. During the day he runs little errands around the house, moving his toys from one location to the next, going to his water bowl for a fresh drink, grabbing his favorite stuffed animal, Porsha, to have some quality time. He scampers around like he really has somewhere to go. It cracks me up every time. Because of the pandemic, I have all this time to study his movements, the same way I study my neighbor’s strange habit of moving his cars in and out of his driveway all day long. Why does he do this? There’s no method to it. Sometimes he moves the cars to different spots on the street even though there are no street parking restrictions in our neighborhood. Sometimes, he drives away for ten or fifteen minutes and returns. I don’t know. One of my other neighbors has a cat who walks himself. While they are walking their dog, the cat trots behind them. Sometimes he goes out alone, roaming the street, visiting this driveway or that. The little things have become so fascinating.

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